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The word Vastu is of a Sanskrit origin meaning a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land. Vastu Shastra refers to the “science of architecture” originating from the traditional Hindu practices. These were written to organize the 3 basic necessities of our life: food, clothing, and shelter. It provides a description of the principles of design, measurements, layout and space arrangements. These principles and designs are such that they incorporate nature and its particles along with architecture. VASTU CONSULTANTS are generally well learned in Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.

Since time immemorial, Vastu Shastra has been inculcated in the templates for Hindu temples, layout for houses, workplaces, shops etc. The significance of the orientation of a building is to have a better house design which provides good health, prosperity and wealth to the residents. Vastu believes that there are essentially two types of forces which are equal and opposite in nature. According to the science behind these principles there lies a correlation between the rotation of planets and the layout of the building and directions with respect to north. This helps in increasing the lifespan of the building and improve the condition of the occupants. There have been instances where the buildings have not been in accordance with the vastu and the result has been visible in the early decay of the space, as compared to ones with match the requirements of the Vastu.

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This knowledge is known to be fluid and doesn’t necessarily require diagrams for layouts. The system is an amalgamation of science of directions, astronomy and astrology. Developed over the years, by many a learned follower of this study, Vastu Shastra has become a major factor on the basis of which decisions regarding houses and workspaces are made.

Vastu for Home
According to VASTU CONSULTANTS, a proper house is a collaboration of rooms with precise entry and exit points. Some of them go to the extent of stating that your house is the architect of your destiny. Any FAMOUS VASTU CONSULTANT would emphasize the importance of the direction of each and every door and window of your space along with its entry and exit.
Though is it extremely difficult to build a single entity ideally following all the dictates of Vastu Shastra. While some of these errors can be altered by correcting the pattern of construction, it is quite difficult to demolish houses with serious vastu faults.

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